SASAM(Saglik-Sen Strategic Research Centre) is the first and the only strategic establishment of Health and Social Workers’ Union(Saglik-Sen) which aims to create academical policies and its implementations. Objectives:

  • Creating knowledge, based on proof, in a global scale which is related to health, social and labor policy,
  • Devising reasonable solutions for illuminate to modern standards under scientific works about health, social and labor policy,
  • Devising policies that improve health and social workers’ rights
  • Devising policies which encourage to develop governance capacity of public
  • Beeing an effective and pioneer thinktank establishment in process of health, social and labor policy,
  • Contribution to health, social and labor policy in a global scale.

SASAM’ princibles are being scientific, independent, trustable, equity, loyalty merit, participation and solution-oriented.

SASAM works on “Health Policies”, “Social Policies” and “Work Force Policies And Syndical Rights”. Also SASAM aims to devise ideas, including its works;: religion, civilization, identity, culture, etic and moral

SASAM’ events are include; Scientific meetings such as congresses, symposiumes, conferences, seminars, brainstorm meetings; surveys, training-consultancy services and periodical/nonperiodical publications as books, reports, articles, journels.