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All of the clinical studies that have been performed are limited to primary hypercholesterolemiaPrimary hypercholesterolemia is due to a genetic defect in cholesterol metabolismwhereas secondary hypercholesterolemia is due to secondary factors such as obesitydiabetes mellitusphysical inactivityandor nutritionUnfortunatelythere are no data to support the use of ezetimibe in patients with secondary hypercholesterolemiaThereforethe findings of these trialssome of which are summarized hereapply only to those patients with primary hypercholesterolemia.

These are not all of the side effects that may occurIf you have questions about side effectscall your doctorCall your doctor for medical advice about side effects.

Hypersensitivity reactionsincluding anaphylaxisangioedemarashand urticariaerythema multiformearthralgiamyalgiaelevated creatine phosphokinasemyopathy/rhabdomyolysissee WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONSelevations in liver transaminaseshepatitisabdominal painthrombocytopeniapancreatitisnauseadizzinessparesthesiadepressionheadachecholelithiasischolecystitis.

This summarizes the most important information about ZETIAIf you would like more informationtalk with your doctorYou can ask your pharmacist or doctor for information about ZETIA that is written for health professionals.

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